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SIXTY NINE - Live ! 1974 - 2 LP Longhair

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Krautrock / Progressiv
Manufacturer: Longhair
Original release year: 1974
Manufacturing year: 2018
Cat. Nr.: LHC 199/200
Weight:445 g
Processing time:1 day
Sound link:Listen to the album

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Two years after Sixty-Nine`s debut album, their concert material, called simply 'Live!' was released. This effort however sounded a bit different compared to the first work. It's still organ-driven prog-rock but unlike the debut there are more vocal parts and more different sounds from the Hammond organ and Moog synthesizer. There is no title from the first album, so all songs on Live! are completely new. The album starts with 'Just right here and now' a song that sounds like a mix of heavy prog la Atomic Rooster, joyful rock'n roll and soul/ blues style in the vein of early Joe Cocker. Second track 'Red Guitar' is very similar to the previous one, Hammond organ playing are even heavier here but especially moog solos are stunning here. 'Seven steps to hell', last title on first album side delivers dark, atmospheric and deeply psychedelic sounds with a highly energetic and melodic Hammond organ solo in the vein of Keith Emerson during his high-days. Everything is based on magic synths effects background and ultra-busy Roland Schupp`s drum work.Side Two starts with short - rocker 'Frenzy feelings' followed by 12:18 min. 'Get up', a typical prog/art rock trip, full of organ solos, electric piano solos and of course moog solos. On first side record two 'The confiscated car' starts the second part of the show with a hard-prog song, followed by ten minutes 'Bachs' broken trumpet', a heavy piece of music which ends as a typical prog-rock one. Side 4 starts with 12:42 min. '7 Trousers Walter' which reminds a bit to ELP's album 'Tarkus', 100 % pure progressive rock from the seventies. The album ends with 'Linkies blues', which offers, no wonder, a very bluesy rhythm and evolves into something like weird and psychedelic, reminding Canterbury rock group Egg. If you like organ-led ELP/ The Nice symphonic stuff mixed with heavy prog la Atomic Rooster, Frumpy or 2066 & Then you simply need this second Sixty-Nine effort. Double album comes with band story. Recordings are remastered. Don't miss it!

SIXTY NINE - Live ! 1974 - 2 LP Longhair

Price: EUR 28.42

Deutschland / 1974

SIXTY NINE - Circle Of The Crayfish - LP Longhair

Price: EUR 18.68

Deutschland /

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