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LARS LUNDBERG & MATS LODEN - Rebecca - LP 1976 Shadoks

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Shadoks
Original release year: 1970
Manufacturing year: 2017
Cat. Nr.: Shadoks 191
Weight:420 g
Processing time:1 day
Sound sample:.
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Shadoks Music present Lars Lundberg and Mats Lodén's Rebecca. Lars Lundberg and Mats Lodén were buddies already from first grade in Luleå, located in northernmost Sweden. Although they were good friends, they did not share a musical interest during the first three school years. Lars was lucky enough to have a very special dad, who presented him a Hagström Standard 80 White Pearl electric guitar and a small amplifier on his eighth birthday in 1964. In 1973, Lars and Mats formed a new band together (Savannah) with old classmate Benny Sjödin. All three played the guitar. This was of course not an ideal setup for a band. The situation was solved by recruiting the one year younger Peter Larsson on drums. Lars played the bass guitar, as well as harmonica, recorder and alto saxophone. Benny and Mats doubled on the bass guitar when Lars was busy singing or playing another instrument. After the split of Savannah in 1975, Lars and Mats became heavily oriented towards early British progressive music. Lars was fond of bands like Pink Floyd, Traffic, and Curved Air, while Mats favored music made by for example David Bowie, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and The Doors. All songs on the album are written by Lars and Mats. With one exception, all titles and song texts are in English. There are no political ambitions whatsoever. The songs can rather be described as whimsical and psychedelic, which makes the album rather unique at the time, when Swedish music was either commercial with lyrics in English or anti-commercial with lyrics in Swedish and an outspoken political message. The album was originally pressed in 200 copies only, as it was intended to be a demo album. However, at the time no major Swedish record company showed any interest in the music. Lars sold his four-channel tape recorder, in order to afford the pressing. Most of the records were sold to friends and schoolmates in Luleå. There are very cool electric underground songs but others go in the direction of the best Tony Caro & John. A great and rare Swedish album which appears in Hans Pokoras's 7001 Record Collector Dreams book with a six-star value. Comes in a heavy sleeve; Comes as 180 gram vinyl; Includes a printed inner-sleeve, a Japan protection sleeve, and a two-page insert; Edition of 400 (numbered).

LARS LUNDBERG & MATS LODEN - Rebecca - LP 1976 Shadoks

Price: EUR 36.00

Schweden / 1970

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