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ATOMIC SHELTER - This spaceship - CD Radio Televizija Srbije

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Rock /
Manufacturer: Radio Televizija Srbije
Original release year: 1987
Manufacturing year: 2009
Cat. Nr.: CD 417962
Barcode: 8600278417962
Weight:74 g
Processing time:unknown
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Atomsko sklonište (trans. Atomic Shelter) is a Croatian and former Yugoslav hard rock band, formed in Pula in 1977. The band is known primarily for its strong anti-war lyrics.

The band's history begins in 1968, when a play entitled Atomsko sklonište and directed by Boško Obradovic' premiered in People's Theatre in Pula. The play featured a choice of the world anti-war poetry, including two of Obradovic''s poems: Kuga u Danangu (against Vietnam War) and Vaclavske Namjesti (against Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia). For several years Obradovic' had an idea of a rock band performing songs featuring his lyrics, and in 1977, in front of the kafana Jadran in Pula, which was a gathering place for local musicians, he offered his lyrics to a group of musicians. The agreement was soon made, and the band Atomsko Sklonište was officially formed on February 26, 1977. The first lineup of the band featured Bruno Langer (a former Beat Stones, Fantomi, Logaritmi, and Boomerang member, bass guitar), Sergio Blažic' (vocals), Dragan Gužvan (guitar), Eduard Kancelar (keyboards), Saša Dadic' (drums), and Rudolf Grum (backing vocals). Blažic', Gužvan and Dadic' previously performed together in the band Hush.

The made their first success with a performance on the 1977 Novi Sad BOOM festival. In the spring of 1978 they performed at the Subotica Youth Festival, and during the same year their debut album Ne cvikaj, generacijo (Don't Be Afraid, My Generation) was released. The album featured hard rock sound, with anti-war and cataclysmic lyrics, heavily inspired by hippie ideology, which was even in Yugoslavia already discarded. The album brought hits 'Pomorac sam, majko', 'Kinematograf našeg detinjstva' and 'Ne cvikaj, generacijo'. The band gained the publics attention with the statements that they perform punk, unusual clothing style and photographies made by the photographer Tone Stojko from Maribor. The band would later record music for the song 'Zaspao si u mojoj kosi', released by Stojko's wife Neca Falk.

The band's second album, Infarkt (Heart Attack) was released with a book of photographies by Stojko, and featured hits 'Pakleni vozac(i' and 'Djevojka br. 8'. After the album release Kancelar left the band due to his studies, and was replaced by Paul Bic(andžic'. The band maintained their popularity on their live appearances which featured unusual scenery, such as barbed wire, and during a concert in Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana there were three hundere yellow umbrellas opened above the stage, referring to the band's song 'Žuti kišobran' (Yellow Umbrella). The band gained a loyal fanbase, although the critics generally did not like the lyrics written by Obradovic'. The band recorded their third album U vremenu horoskopa (During the Time of Horoscope) on the peninsula Stoja near Pula, in the Mobile One mobile studio, previously used by AC/DC. The album was produced by John Etchells and Bill Ainsworth. At the time Bilandžic' left the band ant formed the band Lilihip, and Atomsko sklonište continued as a quartet.

In 1980 the band recorded the live album Atomska trilogija (Nuclear Trilogy) on a concert in Dom JNA in Pula. In 1981 they released their fourth studio album Extrauterina (Ectopic Pregnancy), recorded with Etchells and Ainsworth as the producers in the Super Bear Studio, located in a monastery in the French Alps, and previously used by Elton John, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, and Van Morrison. The album featured the band's new drummer Zdravko Širola. After the album was released the band ended their cooperation with Boško Obradovic'.

Langer became the band leader and the songwriter. In 1982 the band released the album Mentalna higijena (Mental Hygiene), recorded at the JAM Studio in London. The album featured Mel Collins on saxophone as a guest. During the same year the band went to Florida, where they recorded the album Space Generation for the foreign market. The album featured nine old Atomsko sklonište songs with English language lyrics written by Dražen Met Premet. The band released the album through EEC under the name Atomic Shelter. In 1984 the band released the album Zabranjeno snivanje (Forbidden Dreaming). The live album Jednom u životu (Once in a Lifetime), recorded on the concert held at Tašmajdan Stadium on September 15, 184, and released in 1985, was the last album featuring Blažic' on vocals. The band had the last performance with him on July 21, 1986, after which he died on January 18, 1987.

In 1986 Langer and Gužvan recorded the English language album This Spaceship and released it under the name Atomic Shelter. The album featured American musicians Wes Talton (vocals), Freddie Stuckey (keyboards) and David Presley (drums). The album featured six old rerecorded Atomsko sklonište songs and four new songs.

1. Space Generation 3:48
2. Believe me 3:50
3. Night after Night 3:58
4. Learned how to Listen 4:06
5. 1945 - 1995 4:29
6. We Are the Generation 3:44
7. Flying 3:54
8. Together 3:11
9. Nothing Left to Show 3:20
10. This Spaceship 4:50

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