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CAPTAIN MARRYAT - Captain Marryat - CD 1974 Shadoks

  5 musicians, great organ, vocals, extra heavy fuzz-guitar, drums and bass, amazing underground songs

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Shadoks
Original release year: 1974
Cat. Nr.: SH 114
Processing time:unknown
Sound sample:.

Many people watching the ebay auctions where surprised seeing this album selling for the past few month 3 times for nearly 3000 Euro each. Before that, this album was completely unknown.
Captain Marryat are from Glasgow, Scotland and recorded this demo album in 1974, released in a tiny pressing on the Thor label, hopefully to get an EMI or Chrysalis deal.
They wanted to record only a single but came up with a complete album of self-composed tracks. Since it was not that easy for a Scottish band to get attention down in London, this album was the only pressing ever done and sold at band gigs only.
5 musicians, great organ, vocals, extra heavy fuzz-guitar, drums and bass, amazing underground songs, influenced by Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Beggars Opera, a true lost classic.
Where where lucky to find the band to made a deal so this beauty can conquer the world of rock music.

Jimmy Rorrison - vocals, drums
Hugh Finnegan - bass, vocals
Allan Bryce - organ, vocals
Tommy Hendry - vocals, acoustic guitar
Ian McEleny - lead guitar, acoustic guitar

1. Blindness (A. Bryce)
2. It Happened To Me (A. Bryce)
3. A Friend (T. Hendry)
4. Songwriters Lament (A. Bryce)
5. Changes (I. McEleny)
6. Dance Of Thor (Capt. Marryat)

The band formed early seventies, around 1971 to 1975, playing all around Scotland and the Borders at various venues including Burns Howff in Glasgow which was a very popular venue (as other bands) - such as Alex Harvey Band, Nazareth and Beggars Opera also played there. We also played from Inverness to the Borders with a very good following.

The band used the following instruments:

o Allan Bryce Hammond M102 Organ and Electric Piano
o Ian McEleney Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul Delux Gold
o Hugh Finnegan Fender Bass
o Jimmy Rorrison Premier Drums
o Tommy Hendry Vocals
Mostly Marshall amplification.

Tommy Hendry immigrated to Canada around 1980 and we lost touch with him. Tommy and Ian formed a band called Silver with 2 other local musicians but it only lasted about 6 months although they were quite good.

The band had a big following from the Greenock area to many of the gigs.
Captain Marryat's influences were Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Beggars Opera and other rock bands around at the time.
Some members of the band took the album down to London and various Record Companies showed an interest including EMI and Chrysalis.
After the band broke up for various reasons, everybody carried on in other bands for a few years.
The original record was pressed only 150 - 200 times.
We have always been very pleased with the album and because of the new interest it is very satisfying.
We would also like to mention the roadies we had who helped out in a big way:

o Donny PA
o Big Stewarty Lights
o Big George For a bit of everything

CAPTAIN MARRYAT - Captain Marryat - LP 1974 (transparent white) Shadoks

Price: EUR 36.00

England / 1974

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