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COLD SUN - Dark Shadows - CD 1970 Psychedelic World In Sound

  True 60s psychedelic floating/distorted fuzz, mindblowing long tunes

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: World In Sound
Original release year: 1974
Manufacturing year: 2008
Cat. Nr.: WIS-1038
Processing time:unknown
Sound sample:.

First time available on CD, Cold Sun from Austin, Texas, was recorded in 1970 in the 'famous' Sonobeat studios, were Mariani's and Johnny Winters first LP was made. The Cold Sun band are considered contemporaries of Velvet Underground and 13th Floor Elevators, often listed as being in a similar vein but inspirations for this 'unique' piece go back to the desperated, haunted Joe Meek. All songs lyrically express dark, mystic poetry with the true 60s psychedelic floating/distorted fuzz spirit presented in several mindblowing long tunes, such as 'Ra-Ma'(11 min), 'Here In The Year'(9 min), 'Fall'(7 min). Discovered by Rockadelic Records of Dallas, Texas in 1992, the Dark Shadows album saw the light of day as a limited LP version, to become today one of the most important and revered US psychedelic underground albums from the early 70s. ---(Rockadelic heard it in the form of an old scratchy acetate that one of the Cold Sun band members had made to be able to play the recording at friends' parties on their turntables. The acetate only contained 2/3 of the songs but so greatly impressed, Rockadelic managed together with bandleader Bill Miller to release the complete sessions from mastertape). ---- Autoharp wizard Miller eventually participated in Roky Erickson's international debut as the Cold Sun band joined forces with Roky in 1974 and became 'Bliebalien', later evelvolved to The ALIENS and backed Roky on his famous albums and historical concerts. Carefully remastered from the mastertapes this album will bring new rewarding listening experiences, plus 2 unreleased non-album songs, authentic Live/Concert recordings of 'Live Again'(10 min) and 'Mind Aura'(7 min). The CD-issue will have an extended booklet with linernotes by Jello Biafra plus rare photos. According to 'Not only the best Rockadelic release, but possibly the best and most important psych reissues ever!'- Enjoy this ONE- HOUR psychedelic Happening, a 'must-have' 60's/70's heavy-psych masterpiece!

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