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DEEP SPACE DESTRUCTORS - Psychedelogy - LP (black) Space Rock Prod

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Space Rock Prod
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2017
Cat. Nr.: SRP042
Weight:360 g
Processing time:unknown
Sound link:Bandcamp

Deep Space Destructors was founded in the beginning of the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members' mutual love for 60s and 70s psychedelic, prog, kraut and space rock. Deep Space Destructors' journey continues towards deeper space and sounds. 'Psychedelogy is a travel log of a journey into one's self' ... This is what it says in the liner notes, and describes the album pretty well. There are the recognizable things from our music: effortless jamming, spacey atmosphere, vocal harmonies, as well as fluid interaction between guitar, bass and drums. There are some new elements too, songs are more space rocking, grooving and faster without forgetting the atmospheric and progressive elements found on earlier releases. Extra effort was taken on the vocal arrangements and they are deceivingly simple, yet quite complex when taking a closer look. Psychedelogy was mostly recorded live with additional instruments recorded afterwards by who we like to call as 'The Cosmic Friends'. The four guest artists each had their own song to which they created soundscapes with sitar, organ, Black Deck and analog synthesizer, for a complete psychedelic brew. We tried simplifying things too. 'Return to the Black Star' is a one riff song and 'Journey to the Space Mountain' basically has two riffs. It was interesting process how we could build up a song this way as we had not done it before. 'Spacemind' and 'From the Ashes' on the other hand take the listener to the deep end of the DSD experience. For the vinyl artwork, we once again wanted Markus Räisänen on the helm. We had an idea that artwork should show the transition from macrocosmos to microcosmos, which reflects the lyrical theme of the album. Not only that, but we had another concept for Markus, we wanted the front cover and inside cover to be a one continuous image, so if you flip from front to inside on any side of the covers the image would be continuous and form another image. Markus totally delivered and the end result is amazing!

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