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ACHIM SEIFERT PROJECT - …noticed My Heart - CD 2015 MadeInGermany

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Jazz /
Manufacturer: MadeInGermany
Original release year: 2015
Manufacturing year: 2015
Cat. Nr.: MIG 80262 CD
Barcode: 885513802620
Processing time:1 day
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Achim Seifert is a German/Turkish bassist and componist born in Germany in 1985. After spending his early adolescene playing experimental rock, he then dedicated his time to jazz.
After his A levels Seifert studied artistic education and played first chair electric bass at the University for Music and Theater in Hannover. Among others he received lessons and attended workshops with Jean Michel-Pilc, Jochen Rückert and Nils Wogram

At the age of 22 he received a scholarship to study at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston where he began to study two years later. In Boston Achim was able to study and work with Oscar Stagnaro (Paquito D'rivera), Lincoln Goines (Mike Stern), Hal Crook, David Fiuczynski, Andy McGhee, Dave Samuels, Sarah Brindell and Eguie Castrillo (Jennifer Lopez.)

After his debut album „Plans To Wake Up On A Beach', which received very positive reviews from critics, his second album '…Noticed My Heart' is set to be released in January 2015.

In 2010 The Achim Seifert Project won 'Future Sounds,' a competition of Leverkusener Jazztage and in 2011 he performed at the mainstage which was recorded and broadcast by WDR.

The band has opened for jazz legends such as Randy Crawford and Christian McBride.
Aside from his performing duties, Achim is a lecturer for electric jazz bass at the Institute of Music at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Achim Seifert will join jazz legend Trilok Gurtu on his 2014 world tour.

Press Commentaries:
'A wonderful and successful modern jazz album' (Bass professor 4/2011)

'That is a great cinema of sound' (Guitar and Bass, 4/2012)

Nach seinem Debutalbum „Plans To Wake Up On A Beach', das durchweg sehr positive Reaktionen in der Presse hinterließ, erscheint nun im Januar 2015 das zweite Album „…Noticed My Heart'.
Das Achim Seifert Projekt ist Gewinner des „Future Sounds'-Wettbewerbes der Leverkusener Jazztage 2010 und war 2011 auf der Hauptbühne mit WDR Sendemittschnitt zu sehen.
Die Band spielte bereits im Vorprogramm von Jazzlegenden wie Randy Crawford und Christian McBride.
Neben seiner Konzerttätigkeit ist Achim Lehrbeauftragter für Jazz E-Bass am Institut für Musik an der Hochschule Osnabrück.
2014 wird Achim Seifert die Jazzlegende Trilok Gurtu auf seiner Welttournee begleiten.

„Ein wunderbar gelungenes modernes Jazzalbum' (Bassprofessor 4/2011),„…das ist großes Klangkino' (Gitarre und Bass, 4/2012),„Dabei agiert die junge Band bemerkenswert routiniert und lässt somit manchen Recken alt aussehen…Dicke Empfehlung!' (Drums & Percussion 5/2011), „…eine spannende und gelungene Mixtur aus Fusion, Jazz, New Jazz, Drum ‚n‘ Bass mit Einflüßen aus orientalischer und afrikanischer Musik' (Bassquarterly, September 2012).

1. Long Goodnight 5:15
2. Declination 5:56
3. Overdue 6:21
4. …Noticed My Heart 3:15
5. News 5:18
6. Wake Up Call 3:06
7. The Rain, My Past 2:12
8. My Secret Garden 6:21

ACHIM SEIFERT PROJECT - …noticed My Heart - CD 2015 MadeInGermany

Price: EUR 15.36

USA / 2015

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