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ALRUNE ROD - Alrune Rock (3rd Album) - LP 1972 Shadoks

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Shadoks
Original release year: 1972
Manufacturing year: 2016
Cat. Nr.: Shadoks 187
Weight:885 g
Processing time:5 days
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'Alrune Rod' is the Danish name for the mythical mandrake root and was the name for one of the most popular hippie bands from Denmark. They shared the stage with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin among many other famous bands. This 3rd album came in in 2 different version, in 1972 with Danish vocals and for Export, in 1974, the very rare English vocals version with slightly different mixes too. For the English version the band has used the cover image of the first album from 1969 but with heavy color changes and a sticker on the front, so many people - even in Denmark - got confused about 2 very different albums with nearly the same artwork. Our release is using the outside of the English version and each printed inner sleeve with the correct English/Danish cover.
Their name was inspired by the Danish author Albert Dam's book 'Syv Fortællinger' ('Seven Stories') from 1962 where a Robin Hood-like character is sentenced to hanging. While hanging at the end of the rope with his trousers open, he ejaculates, and a mandrake root grows up from where his sperm hits the ground. Just like in sagas where it is the blood from hanged men that nourish the mandrake root on gallows hills. The root, which always has a human-like form, is collected in this novel by a virgin who cares for it and in turn the root makes good things happen.
During March and April 1972 Alrune Rod went with record producer Freddy Hansson to Rosenberg studios in Copenhagen. By then they were reduced to a trio with Leif, Ole and Karsten. This was the first studio recording for Ole, whereas Karsten had played on the previous 'Hej Du' album (which will be also released by Shadoks Music) and Leif had appeared on all of the Alrune Rod albums.
This 3rd album (Alrune Rock) shows the group moving away from the violent and emotional drama as the main expression and now seek strength through a technically more competent music. This album reached number 3 on the 'Top 10' charts of the Danish radio. Years later Leif Roden reported more than 10,000 sold copies of 'Alrune Rock'. A Danish hippie blockbuster (the Danish version only).
The English version of 'Alrune Rock' was ready for the stores in in March 1974. The music is so exciting and varied that it must belong among Danish rock classics... It is at once both melodic and full of improvisations, whether it be in English or Danish.' This album belongs to the top of the Danish underground scene among Young Flowers, Culpeper's Orchard, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Pan, Hurdy Gurdy, The Old Man & The Sea, just to name a few. Their musical style is often described as a hybrid between THE GRATEFUL DEAD and early PINK FLOYD.
'Alrune Rock' includes a very rare poster, new liner notes and many unseen pictures from the period 1972/74.

ALRUNE ROD - Hey Du - LP 1971 Shadoks

Price: EUR 39.00

Dänemark / 1971

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