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ANTHIMOS, APOSTOLIS - Back to the north- CD 2005 Metal Mind

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Progressiv /
Manufacturer: Metal Mind
Original release year: 2006
Manufacturing year: 2006
Cat. Nr.: MMP CD 0396
Barcode: 5907785027282
Weight:94 g
Processing time:unknown
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Apostolis Anthimos, a magnificent instrumentalist, presents his second solo studio album. He is the best known from SBB, but also from his cooperation with Czeslaw Niemen or Tomasz Stanko ('Wolnosc w sierpniu' - 2005). On this album he worked with jazz-rock masters: Marcin Pospieszalski (double bass, electric bas and keyboards) and Paul Wertico (drums). The album features brand new Apostolis' compositions as well as a new version of 'Sen Pinokia' (previously on the re-edition of 'Days We Can't Forget'). Simple sounds create beautiful harmonies and fascinating, unique jazz-rock masterpiece!

Apostolis Anthimos - guitar, grand piano, keyboards
Marcin Pospieszalski - double bass, electric bass, keyboards

Apostolis Anthimos, called 'Lakis' by his friends, was born on 25th September 1954 in Siemianowice Slaskie in Poland to a family of Greek imigrants. Most notably he is known as a guitarist of one of the most important Polish prog bands S.B.B. which he formed together with Józef Skrzek and Jerzy Piotrowski in 1971 as Silesian Blues Band. They quickly became popular in the whole country and were soon engaged by Czesław Niemen as his new band - Grupa Niemen. With Niemen they recorded a couple of albums including 'Niemen vol. 1' and 'Niemen, vol. 2' and two English language ones. After the end of this cooperation they came back to their old name soon shortening it to S.B.B.
Since 1974 they recorded many great albums and gained a huge popularity to finally disband in 1980 after recording their last album 'Memento z banalnym tryptykiem'. The title suite of that album contains one of the most significant guitar solos in Polish rock played of course by Anthimos.
Apostolis started to act on his own then cooperating with bands like Dzem and Krzak among others. Soon he went to Greece where he performed in clubs and became a session musician. He appeared in Poland once in a while invited by a trumpeter Tomasz Stanko with whom he recorded albums 'C.O.C.X.', 'Lady Go', 'Peyotl - Witkacy' and 'Chameleon', the last one in Greece.
Morover he also worked with famous Greek musicians like Vangelis Katsoulis, Georg Dalaras or Papadopoulos Thimios and partook in every S.B.B. reincarnation since early 90s to this day.
In February 1994 he went to New York where with mucians known from Pat Metheny Group (Paul Wertico, Jim Beard, Matt Garrison, Gil Goldstein) he recorded his solo debut LP - 'Days We Can't Forget'. The same year he played a turnee with S.B.B. in USA after which the band disbanded once again and he came back to Greece where he formed his first trio - Trias with which he begun to tour and (having invited a vocalist Jorgos Skolias) in 1999 recorded a live album 'Theatro'. Since 1998 he divides his time between S.B.B. (who recorded in 2001 their first studio album since 1980 and continues to issue new material and tour to this day) and solo efforts.
In the last years beside continuing his activity with S.B.B. he also formed another trio - Apostolis Anthimos Trio with Krzysztof Dziedzic on drums and Robert Szewczuga on bass guitar and double-bass. In 2005 he recorded with Marcin Pospieszalski (bass guitar, keyboards) and Paul Wertico (drums) his second studio album 'Back To The North' (released in 2006). He also renewed his collaboration with Tomasz Stanko (the album 'Wolnosc w sierpniu').
The year 2007 meant creating Apostolis Anthimos Quartet with Arild Andersen - double bass, Tomasz Szukalski - sax and Krzysztof Dziedzic - drums, percussion who was later replaced by Janusz Skowron.
In 2008 Apostolis Anthimos acompanied by Robert Szewczuga on bass guitar recorded his third album 'Miniatures'. Besides the guitar he also plays drums and keyboards.
His latest project is Anthimos Skowron United with Janusz Skowron on keyboards and Robert Szewczuga on bass guitar.

Bartlomiej Slazak (Tuzvihar)

Apostolis Anthimos, called Lakis by fans and friends, was born in 1954 in Katowice, in a Greek family who had moved to Silesia. Already as a teenager he joined the very top of Silesian music scene, performing with Józek Skrzek, Jerzy Piotrowski and Irek Dudek in Silesian Blues Band and Grupa Niemen (with whom he recorded four albums).
The best moments of his career are definitely connected with SBB, for many the most important band in the history of Polish rock music. In the beginning of the 80's, when SBB temporarily gave up performing, Apostolis Anthimos worked with such bands as Krzak, Dzem, he also recorded with famous jazz musician Tomasz Stanko.
Also in the 80s Lakis moved to Greece, where he worked as a session musician. He also played numerous tours with Greece and other countries (Australia, Argentina, USA).
In the 90s he took part in SBB re-unions in 1991, 1993 and 1999. They played lots of concerts in Poland and abroad and released a couple of live albums. Also, he recorded 2 solo albums ('Days We Can't Forget' and 'Theatro') and participated in many music projects and events in Greece.
Years 2000-2001 saw the great SBB comeback in the renewed line-up: Józek Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos, Paul Wertico. They played a European tour (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) and in 2005 recorded a new, long-awaited studio album 'New Century'.
Apostolis has worked with many great musicians, e.g. Józef Skrzek, Jerzy Kawalec, Jerzy Piotrowski, Tomasz Szukalski, Andrzej Urny, Czeslaw Niemen, John Mc Laughlin, Pat Metheny, Paul Wertico, Gil Goldstein, Jim Beard, Matt Garison, Miles Evans, Tomasz Stanko, Janusz Skowron.

1. Bar Wah Wah 5:00
2. Bonnie’s Eyes 4:08
3. Pinoccho’s Dreams 4:10
4. Waltz for Barbaras 6:10
5. Colours Impressions 14:54
6. New Century 5:41
7. Back to the North 5:05

ANTHIMOS, APOSTOLIS - Miniatures - CD 2008 Metal Mind

Price: EUR 10.35

Metal Mind
Polen / 2008

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