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DANNY BEN ISRAEL - The Kathmandu Sessions - LP (colour) Anazitisi

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Anazitisi
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2016
Cat. Nr.: ARSLP 60-72F
Weight:310 g
Processing time:unknown
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Danny Ben Israel established himself as one of the most extravagant musicians to emerge from the Israeli Psychedelic scene of the 60's, mostly because of his extraordinary album from 1970, Bullshit 3 . (reissued on vinyl by World In Sound Label in 2012)
Originally, Danny was one of the lead singers of Israel Military entertainment groups of the 60's and became one of the greatest voices of Hebrew music in Israel of the 1960's. After his musical experiment in Europe, recording pop music, he returned to Israel and was identified more and more with the Hippie ideas of the time, and was attracted to the psychedelic rock style. After recording 'Bullshit 3', which was recorded in Eshel Studios in Tel Aviv and released in 1970, which turned out to be a commercial failure, Danny did not stop there, and at the same time continued to record new songs, known as 'The Katmandu Sessions' are somewhat characterized by volunteerism, and the participating artists were various musicians - some of whom are unknown. His texts dealt with controversial issues - politics, sex, drugs etc. and were not broadcasted on the radio.
The New recordings were archived after his attempt to release the material in the US failed, and saw light in 2002 with the release of a CD on the label 'Meri Records', and is now published in the worthiest of formats and for the first time: the vinyl record.
Official reissue in collaboration with ARS Records, Israel.

* Fully laminated cover.
* 4-pages insert with bio and photos.
* Limited to 100 black and 100 coloured copies.
Please note, that this is actually, a limited to 200 black and 200 coloured copies edition. BUT only 200 copies (100 black and 100 coloured) will be distributed worldwide. All the rest are for Israel domestic use only.
* 180gr vinyl as usual.
* resealable nylon outersleeve.

DANNY BEN ISRAEL - The Kathmandu Sessions - LP (black) Anazitisi

Price: EUR 23.04

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