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THE UNFOLDING - How to blow your mind - LP 1967 WahWah

Price: EUR 18.72 (incl. VAT) plus shipping

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Psychedelic / Underground
Manufacturer: WahWah
Original release year: 1967
Weight:246 g
Processing time:1 day
Sound sample:.
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'For those of us fortunate to have grown up in the 1960's, trying to 'out weird' the next guy seemed perfectly normal for the day. Expressing one's self were all part of those magical and crazy days. The Unfolding were no different. Although not much is known of this band, it appears they were a studio group organized by Audio Fidelity records in New York City, circa 1967. Sometimes known as an 'Exploitative' album, Freak Out Party certainly does take advantage of the free form and outlandish styles of 1967.' (Roger Maglio, Gear Fab Records)
A rare underated freaky psychedelic LP that will appeal to those into The Summer Of Love meets The Mothers Of Invention sounds that will delight those ears into psychedelic exploitation albums like Love Machine, Mesmerising Eye, Fire & Ice LTD or Friendsound.
Featuring a mindblowing production with harpsichord, sitar, chimes and anyting that makes freaky psych sounds. A trip back to the days of LSD and free love.
Comes with a facsimile reproduction of the original insert. 500 copies limited edition.
'Para aquellos de nosotros afortunados de haber crecido en los 60, intentar ser más raro que el tipo de al lado era lo que se llevaba. Expresar la individualidad de uno mismo era importante en aquellos mágicos y alocados días. The Unfolding no eran diferentes en esto. A pesar de no conocerse mucha información de esta banda, parece que se trata de un grupo de estudio montado por el sello Audio Fidelity en Nueva York en 1967. A veces tildado de LP de 'exploitation', Freak Out Party es una muestra del sonido 'free form' y de los estilos más bizarros de 1967.' (Roger Maglio, Gear Fab Records)
Un álbum psicodélico raro e infravalorado que gustará a quienes gusten de la colisión entre el sonido del verano del amor y los Mothers Of Invention y a todos aquellos que disfruten del sonido de los discos de exploito psych tipo Love Machine, Mesmerising Eye, Fire & Ice LTD o Friendsound.
Con una producción alicinógena cargada de clavicordios, sitar, campanitas y cualquier cosa que produzca sonidos frikis y psicodélicos. Un viaje a los tiempos del LSD y el amor libre.
Incluye reproducción facsímil del insert original. Edición limitada de 500 copias.

THE UNFOLDING - How to blow your mind - LP 1967 WahWah

Price: EUR 18.72

USA / 1967

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