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ANAPLOUS - Anosia - CD 2007 Anazitisi

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Psychedelic /
Manufacturer: Anazitisi
Original release year: 2007
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Anaplous is a rock band from Athens, Greece that can be categorized, if someone wants to do so, to the alternative - indie rock genre. The 'garage' influences are obvious at first impression (maybe the only group existing with greek lyrics and such relations), but they do not restrain the band's attitude to explore other directions. Various indie, punk, post rock forms have been embodied to the composition and orchestration of anaplous music.

The band's members are:
Papasotiriou Sokratis: Vocals
Ladias Giannis: Guitar
Rachoutis Thanasis: Bass guitar
Korkolis Panagiotis: Keyboards
Lergios Paris: Drums

On November 2007, anaplous recorded their first work that has been professionally produced at SCA studio, consisting of the following tracks: 'Arnitiko', 'Adiorthota Lathi', 'Fovase', 'Stin Alli Plevra', These 4 tracks plus a bonus instrumental track called 'Desert', form the mini-demo album of the group.

Thirteen songs are being included to their first CD called 'anosia' also recorded and produced at SCA studio. A really big dose of rock n' roll spirit bursts out of most songs but at the same time, anaplous manage to compound the punk energy and the indie rock sensibilities. Fuzzy and strong guitar riffs, interesting bass lines and keyboard themes take turns, composing melodic phrases that cannot be unnoticed even at first hearing. The frequent rotation of strong-dynamic and rhythmic parts, going with a solid rock backbeat is another characteristic of 'anosia'. Anaplous' lyrics are not of less importance. Their content is mostly introvert, describing inner thoughts, and emotions. Together with a minimal but strong performance of the mail vocals, they boost up the whole atmosphere.

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