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GURU GURU - Rockpalast - Krautrock Legends Vol. 2 - DVD MadeInGermany

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Psychedelic / Krautrock
Manufacturer: MadeInGermany
Original release year: 1977
Manufacturing year: 2013
Cat. Nr.: MIG 90577 DVD digi
Processing time:1 day
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Summer of 1976. The young German left found itself in a state of shock: Ulrike Meinhof, co-founder of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, had hanged herself in her cell at Stuttgart-Stammheim Prison on 9 May. A temporary low-point in a political drama which ruled Germany in the 1970s and also left its mark on culture and rock music. Guru Guru, founded in August 1968, originally saw themselves as part of the student movement, needling the moral concepts of the conservative middle class with public manifestations of philosophies such as 'A spliff a day keeps the doctor away' and enjoyed a dubious reputation as marihuana smokers. Or, as guitarist Roland Schaeffer unambiguously put it during a Rockpalast performance on 6 June 1976: 'A bit of weed is all you need.'

Guru Guru, introduced by band leader Mani Neumeier as 'Germany's most practical rock group' at the beginning of the show at Cologne's Studio L, was the first German act to be invited by the TV channel, WDR, to play a Rockpalast show. 'I want people to throw their shoes and underpants into the air out of sheer fun, to completely lose their inhibitions,' Neumeier explained on the occasion of the release of the Guru Guru's studio album Tango Fango in an interview with Sounds magazine, adding: 'It would be ideal if people really went bananas. I used to want to be a revolutionary or whatever, now my only aim is to be a good entertainer.'

Tango Fango was the first Guru Guru album which saw Mani Neumeier no longer rely on his previous trio concept. As early as the end of 1974, he self-critically admitted that Guru Guru had - probably out of habit - stuck too long with their three-piece line-up. Following the release of Dance Of The Flames and internal differences, he disbanded the trio in 1974, bringing out initially with a number of musical buddies the solo recording Mani und seine Freunde and putting together a new Guru Guru line-up in May 1975 with former Brainstorm multi-instrumentalist Roland Schaeffer, guitarist Sepp Jandrisits and erstwhile Kollektiv bassist Jogi Karpenkiel. Neumeier's vision: 'The one-sidedness of the trio is a thing of the past; our range now includes anything from calypso to yodelling.' As a result, the Rockpalast recording consists of a colourful mix of rock, jazz and slapstick featuring diverse rhythms such as bossa nova, tango and more.

Almost thirty years later, on 21 December 2004, Guru Guru were invited to play another Rockpalast concert at the Harmonie in Bonn. In the meantime, Guru Guru had witnessed some dramatic historical events, none of which changed the band's wonderfully anarchistic and colourful working ethos. Neumeier and guitarist Roland Schaeffer are still part of the team, and bassist Peter Kühmstedt and guitarist Luigi Archetti have also been long-standing Guru Guru members. It was a night which combined nostalgia and contemporary sounds - a typical Guru Guru night!

Matthias Mineur, March 2013

1976, nach bereits sechs Alben und acht Jahren ihres Bestehen wurde die deutsche Krautrock-Legende Guru Guru als erste deutsche Band in den Rockpalast eingeladen.

Guru Guru mit dem Ausnahme-Drummer Mani Neumeier galten immer als die perfekte Hippie-Band. Jedes alternative Festival von Burg Herzberg bis Finkenbach war ihre Spielwiese.

Dieser Rockpalast ist damit auch ein Dokument deutscher Musikgeschichte. Entsprechend dem Motto der Band 'Immer Spaß am grünen Gras' haben wir uns entschlossen, die Ästhetik der bisherigen Serie zum ersten Mal zu durchbrechen und das Cover in Hippie-Farbenpracht zu präsentieren. Ergänzt wird die DVD um das Konzert aus den Rockpalast-Nächten vom 21. - 23. Dez. 2004 als Bonuskonzert.

Auf der DVD ist eine farbenfrohe Mixtur aus Rock, Jazz und Klamauk mit unterschiedlichen Rhythmen wie Bossa Nova oder Tango zu hören und zu sehen. Unsere besondere Empfehlung: Die beiden Konzerte werden nur als DVD und nicht als CD und auch nicht digital erscheinen.

Ein Beweis, dass Guru Guru seit 1968 bis heute immer noch live 'on the road' in der ganzen Welt unterwegs sind

Studio Köln 04.06.1976:
1. Einmarsch 00:56
2. Salto Mortadella 03:30
3. Banana Flip 05:24
4. L. Torro 05:48
5. Rattenfänger 04:45
6. Ooga Booga Spezial 14:08
7. Bossa Nova 06:50
8. Night Bear 08:49
9. Tomorrow 06:13
10. Medley 15:13
a. Elektrolurch-Mutation
b. Tango Fango
11. Medley 04:28
a. Woman Drum
b. All You Want

Harmonie Bonn, 21.12.2004:
12. Read Air 03:13
13. Il Maestroso 03:33
14. Living In The Woods 06:12
15. Izmiz 07:55
16. Tribes & Vibes 03:01
17. Kleines Pyjama 04:38
18. Moshi Moshi 03:39
19. Incarnation Stomp 05:10
20. Elektrolurch-Mutation 06:55

Total: approx. 120 Min.

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