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KROBAK - Little Victories - CD 2013 Mals

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Progressiv /
Hersteller: Mals
Original-Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Produktionsjahr: 2013
Cat. Nr.: MALS 399
Gewicht:59 g
Bearbeitungszeit:5 Tage
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The very first time I played this I just wasn't sure what to think. The melodies are sometimes fairly simplistic and often repeated, and there is a great deal of space between the instruments; but as is often the case, one doesn't get the most out of an album just by playing it once. The more time I spent with this, the greater the rewards. The bass and drums keep everything together, although there are times when one or the other is absent depending on what is required, leaving just the violin and guitar as the leads. Sometimes they duet, sometimes they contrast, but themes are brought in and played with and it is the 'simplicity' and repeating of motifs that actually makes this album what it is.

This is truly an album that creates its' own space and dimension, a world where nothing else matters. The only way to truly get the most from this is by playing it on headphones and being removed from everything else that is going on, as this is music that definitely rewards those who are willing to invest the time in getting to know it better. If I had reviewed this after only playing it a few times I would have been scratching my head trying to work out how I could break it to Igor that I really wasn't a fan. But, having listened to it a great deal I am happy that I am able to go to him and say that he has created something that is quite different to most prog albums I listen to, namely that they have created something that is all about emotional connection with the music with a low note density. I have surprised myself with just how much I have enjoyed playing this, and the digipak artwork from Mals also shows that this is something a little out of the ordinary. Listen to some of their music on Bandcamp and discover it for yourself.

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KROBAK - Little Victories - CD 2013 Mals

Preis: EUR 9.65

Russland / 2013

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