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VA - Krautrock - Music for your Brain Vol. 4 - 6 CD Kompilation Target Music

  480 minutes of Krautrock on 6 CDs. German and English liner notes. We also offer Vol. 1, 2 and 3!

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Krautrock / Progressiv
Manufacturer: Target Music
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2009
Cat. Nr.: 30059
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Wer hätte das gedacht - der 4. Teil ist da!

Wir haben wieder tief gegraben - in den Archiven der Musik-Labels - und sind fündig geworden! Hier ist nun schon bereits der 4. Teil unserer Krautrock-Serie. Und natürlich gibt es diesmal wieder einiges (neu) zu entdecken - neben einigen überraschenden Erstveröffentlichungen auf CD haben wir diesmal auch die 'Kronjuwelen' der beiden legendären deutschen Musiklabels KUCKUCK und SKY RECORDS zusammen getragen, u.a. mit Out of Focus, Ramses, Ihre Kinder, Michael Rother, Streetmark, Octopus, Bullfrog und dem charismatischen Wolfgang Riechmann, der kurz vor Veröffentlichung seiner letzten LP 1978 Opfer eines tragischen Mordes in der Düsseldorfer Altstadt wurde.

Geschichten und Legenden, die das vielfältigste Kapitel der deutschen Rockmusik noch spannender machen, als es sowieso schon ist. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spass beim Anhören!

6 CD-Box, 72 Titel

Krautrock - Music for your Brain - Vol. 4
Krautrock - Music for your Brain - Vol. IV

CD 1:
Ton Steine Scherben - Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht
Out Of Focus - Blue Sunday Morning
Percewoods Onagram - Cause Me Pain
Petards - Blue fire light
Mythos - Neutron Bomb
Drosselbart - Engel des Todes
Rother, Michael - Feuerland
Murphy Blend - First loss
Pell Mell - City Monster
Message - Before the dawn
Hanuman - Taue der Fremdheit
Embryo - Es ist wie's ist
Guru Guru - Electric Junk

CD 2:
Neu! - Isi
Hanuman - Nichts
Out Of Focus - Tsajama
Nine Days Wonder - Moss had come
Rufus Zuphall - Portland town
Drosselbart - Jemima
Parzival - Black train
Nektar - King of Twilight
Rother, Michael - Katzenmusik 9
Anyone's Daughter - Blue house
Armaggedon - Open
Ihre Kinder - Würfelspiel
Schulz, Ernst - XY

CD 3:
Flaming Bess - Tanz der Götter II
Neu! - Negativland
Thirsty Moon - Big City
Out Of Focus - Hey John
Witthüser & Westrupp - Orienta
Hanuman - Lied des Teufels
Embryo - Opal
Deuter - Babylon
AR & Machines - I'll be your singer, you'll be my song
Rufus Zuphall - I'm on my way
Improved Sound Limited - Catch a singing bird on the road
Emtidi - Träume

CD 4:
AR & Machines - Globus (Globe)
Murphy Blend - Speed is coming back
Parzival - Groove Inside
Rother, Michael - Sonnenrad
Ton Steine Scherben - Der Traum ist aus
Hennig, Sonny - Pik As
Ihre Kinder - Hexenhammer
Checkpoint Charlie - Smogalarm
Jerry Berkers - Es wird morgen vorbei sein
Improved Sound Limited - Rio Bravo 59
Hoelderlin - Peter
Drosselbart - Liebe ist nur ein Wort
Armaggedon - Round
Deuter - The Key

CD 5:
Straight Shooter - My time - your time
Streetmark - Dreams
Harlis - Runaway
Ramses - Time
Bullfrog - A housepainter's song
Shaa Khan - The world will end on a Friday
Riechmann, Wolfgang - Silberland
Cluster - Sowiesoso
Octopus - The first flight of the owl
Ramses - La Leyla
Streetmark - Lovers

CD 6:
Brainticket - Black Sand
Tangerine Dream - Rising Runner missed by endless Sender
Faust - Jennifer
Triumvirat - Illusions on a double dimple
Kraan - Wintrup
Ougenweide - Der Fuchs
Orexis - Unter-Rock
Eloy - The Sun Song
Franz K. - Sensemann

A. R. & Machines

Achim Reichel (all instruments)

In order to realize own ideas, Achim Reichel started a solo career. He concentrated on meditative rock improvisations. The album 'Die Grüne Reise' (The Green Journey) was the first result of this electronic psychedelic music project 'A.R. & Machines'. There are two minds when it comes to 'A.R. & Machines'. For some listeners it is ingenious Krautrock. For the others it sounds like a test operation of echo equipment. We introduce the tracks 'I'll Be Your Singer - You'll Be My Song' and 'Globus' from this album (Polydor, 1971).

Anyone's Daughter

Matthias Ulmer (keyboards), Günther Konopik (drums), Uwe Karpa (guitar), Harald Bareth (bass)

Anyone's Daughter were established in 1971 in Stuttgart. They were clearly influenced by the symphonic progressive rock of that period and soon became the favorite of many prog fans. The track 'Blue House' is from their first album 'Adonis' (Brain, 1978).


Frank Diez (guitar, vocals), Manfred Galatik (piano, bass, vocals), Michael Nürnberg (bass, rhythm guitar), Jürgen Lorenzen (drums)

Guitar player Frank Diez and his co-musicians Manfred Galatik, Jürgen Lorenzen and Michael Nürnberg played British inspired blues rock with complex structures. The tracks 'Round' and 'Open' are from their only album 'Armageddon' (Kuckuck, 1970).

Berkers, Jerry

Jerry Berkers (guitars, bass, percussion, vocals), Jürgen Dollase (keyboards), Thomas Engel (drums, percussion, choir), Bill Barone (guitar), Walter Westrupp (harmonica), Bernd Witthüser (acoustic guitar), Dieter Dierks (choir)

The Dutch bass player Jerry Berkers participated on the first two Wallenstein albums and issued his solo album 'Unterwegs' (Pilz, 1972) with the help of his Wallenstein co-musicians Witthüser & Westrupp and Dieter Dierks. We introduce the track 'Es Wird Morgen Vorbei Sein'.


Joel Vandroogenbroeck (organ, flute), Dawn Muir (voice), Ron Bryer (guitar), Werni Froehlich (bass), Hellmuth Kolbe (potentiometers, generators, sound effects), Cosimo Lampis (drums), Wolfgang Paap (tabla)

The psychedelic rock band Brainticket was established in the beginning of the 70's by the Belgian multi instrumentalist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Braintickets first album 'Cottonwoodhill' (Bellaphon, 1971) is supposed to be the musical version of an acid trip. We introduce the track 'Black Sand'.


Sebastian Leitner (guitars), Gerd Hoch (vocals), Harald Kaltenecker (keyboards), Vincent Trost (bass), Bruno Perosa (drums, cymbals)

The hard rock band Bullfrog published three albums between 1976 and 1979. The albums were very successful and their live acts gained them recognition, too. Their debut album was released in the USA parallel to the German release. We introduce the track 'A Housepainter's Song' from their second album 'High In Spirits' (Sky, 1977).

Checkpoint Charlie

Wilfried Sahm (guitar), Uwe von Trotha (vocals), Lothar Stahl (drums), Joachim Krebs (keyboards), Jürgen Bräutigam (bass, vocals)

The radical political rock band Checkpoint Charlie lined up with German lyrics against Babbitts, cold warriors, fossilized officials, special politicians and bureaucrats. The track 'Smogalarm' is from their third album 'Checkpoint Charlie' (Schneeball, 1979).


Dieter Moebius, Hans Joachim Roedelius

After Conrad Schnitzler left the band Kluster, the remaining musicians Moebius und Roedelius renamed the musical project into Cluster. We introduce the track 'Sowiesoso' from the album 'Sowiesoso' (Sky, 1976).


Georg Deuter (guitars, bass, sitar, percussion, keyboards, electronics)

With instruments like guitar, sitar, Harmonium, Asian and oriental percussion, the Munich musician Georg Deuter created a mix of psychedelic underground rock, cosmic music and ethnic fusion on his debut album 'D'. The track 'Babylon' is from the album 'D' (Kuckuck, 1971), the track 'The Key' from the album 'Aum' (Kuckuck, 1972).


Peter Randl (vocals, guitar), Christian Trachsel (organ, piano), Dietmar Mainka (guitar), Martin Honemeyer (drums), Werner Schüler (bass), Jemima (vocals), Ralf Nowy (flute)

Unfortunately, Drosselbart published only the album 'Drosselbart' (Polydor, 1970), which is a true gem of the Krautrock era. They play psychedelic rock with lots of weird touches and strange German lyrics. We introduce the tracks 'Jemima', 'Liebe Ist Nur Ein Wort' and 'Engel Des Todes'.


Frank Bornemann (lead vocals, guitars), Klaus-Peter Matziol (basses, vocals), Detlev Schmidtchen (organ, Moog, Mellotron, pianos, computer, guitars, vocals), Jürgen Rosenthal (drums, cymbals, glockenspiel, gongs, timbales, roto-toms, kettle drums, temple blocks, voice, steps)

Eloy from Hannover are one of the oldest and most successful German bands. We introduce the track 'The Sun Song' from the album 'Dawn' (Harvest, 1976).


Crew on 'Opal': Christian Burchard (drums, keyboards), John Kelly (guitar), Ralph Fischer (bass, vocals), Edgar Hofmann (sax, violin), Holger Trülsch (bongo), Bettsy Alleh (vocals), Roberto Detree (motocelle)

Crew on 'Embryo's Reise': Christian Burchard (vocals, drums, synthesizer, percussion, marimba, tam tam, vibes, pianett), Roman Bunka (oud, guitars, vocals, piano, bass, guitar synthesizer, drums, synthesizer), Uwe 'Uve' Müllrich (bass, guitar, rhubab, oud, saz, vocals, percussion), Michael Wehmeyer (organ, piano, harmonium), Edgar Hofmann (violin, soprano saxophone, shinai, dilruba, flute, harmonica, screaming), Remigius Drechsler (guitars), Friedemann Josch (flute)

The Munich band Embryo is one of the most interesting, flexible und important Krautrock bands which have been on the scene since 1970. You find different musicians and musical styles on almost every album. On their first albums, they play an exciting mix of underground, Krautrock and jazz, while later the music turns to jazz-rock with oriental influences. At the end of the 70's, Embryo caused attention through their eight month lasting journey from Munich to Calcutta, which was filmed by movie maker Werner Penzel. The track 'Es Ist Wie's' is from the album 'Embryo's Reise' (Schneeball, 1979), which was recorded during this journey. The track 'Opal' is from Embryo's debut album 'Opal' (Ohr, 1970).


Maik Hirschfeldt (guitars, bass, synthesizer, flute, vibraphone, vocals), Dolly Holmes (keyboards, vocals), Dieter Dierks (Mellotron)

The folk duo Emtidi, consisting of the German Maik Hirschfeldt and the Canadian Dolly Holmes, published two albums between 1970 and 1972. While the first Album 'Emtidi' contains relatively simple folk, the second album 'Saat' is, also due to the support of studio engineer Dieter Dierks on the mellotron, a Krautrock gem. From this album (Pilz, 1972) we introduce the track 'Träume'.


Werner Diermaier, Joachim Irmler, Jean-Herve Peron, Rudolf Sosna, Gunther Wüsthof

Faust, who were the product of the journalist Uwe Nettelbeck, were sponsored by the Polydor label with a huge amount of money. They moved into an old schoolhouse in the city of Wümme and stayed there for one year, where they created their self-titled debut album, an extraordinary and crazy masterpiece even for today's standards, which received a very bad response by the music press. Their fourth album 'IV' (Virgin, 1973), was finally successful in England, where it reached number 13 in the charts. We introduce the track 'Jennifer' from this album.

Flaming Bess

Joachim Jansen (organ, e-violin, synthesizer, piano, clavinet), Peter Wahle (drums, gong, bells, rhythm machine, e-guitar), Hans Wende (bass, guitar, clavinet, drums)

The band published their debut album 'Tanz der Götter' in 1979 as private pressing.
The record companies first did not realize the musical potential of the band until their single 'Tanz der Götter' was in the top positions of the Schlagerrallye, one of the most important radio chart shows of that time. The album got excellent reviews and was sold more than 36,000 times. We introduce the track 'Tanz der Götter' from their debut album.

Franz K.

Peter Josefus (bass, vocals), Stefan Josefus (drums), Mick Hannes (guitar)

Franz K. was established in 1969. Their debut album 'Sensemann' (Philips, 1971) had German lyrics and consisted of two side-long tracks. It is a very fine example of psychedelic hard rock. From this album, we introduce the title track 'Sensemann'.

Guru Guru

Mani Neumeier (drums, percussion, vocals), Uli Trepte (bass), Ax Genrich (guitar)

The Heidelberg band of the drummer Mani Neumeier was formed in 1970 and is one of the most successful German bands worldwide. In Japan, they are one of the leading underground bands. The track 'Electric Junk' is from their second album 'Hinten' (Ohr, 1971).


Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig (organ, piano, vocals), Peter Barth (flute, sax, vocals), Jörg Hahnfeld (bass), Thomas Holm (drums)

Hanuman were established in Berlin in 1971 around keyboard player Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig who was with Murphy Blend before that. The band recorded one album, before Uhlig left them. The remaining musicians changed the band name to 'Lied Des Teufels' and released another album ('Lied Des Teufels') in 1973. We introduce the tracks 'Taue Der Fremdheit', 'Lied Des Teufels' and 'Nichts' from the album 'Hanuman' (Kuckuck, 1971).


Charly Maucher (bass, vocals), Werner Löhr (drums, vocals), Wolfgang Krantz (guitar, choir, piano, synthesizer, bells), Arndt Schulz (guitars, vocals)

The rock band Harlis from Hannover, established in 1974, published two albums. Their members came from early formations of the Scorpions and from Jane. The track 'Runaway' is from their debut album 'Harlis' (Sky, 1975).

Hennig, Sonny

Sonny Hennig (guitar, piano, organ, vocals), Frank Diez (guitar), Walti Schneider (bass, accordion), Günther Storch (drums), Tommi Roeder (alto sax), Ernst Schultz (12-string guitar), Eckart Rahn (bass)

Sonny Henning, who was the nucleus of 'Ihre Kinder' together with Ernst Schultz, published his solo album 'Tränengas' (tear gas) in 1971 on the Kuckuck label. The original cover could not be used due to the thread of the former Bavarian Prime Minister, Franz-Josef Strauss, to take legal action against them. We introduce the track 'Pik As'. 'Pik As' is the name of a hostel for the homeless in Hamburg, which still exists.


Nanny de Ruig (vocals), Nops Noppeney (violin, viola, piano, flute), Peter Käseberg (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Michael Bruchmann (drums, percussion), Joachim Grumbkow (cello, flute, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, mellotron), Christian Grumbkow (guitars), Peter Bursch (sitar), Mike Hellbach (tablas), Walter Westrupp (flute)

The band was established in 1970. Their first album 'Hoelderlins Traum' (Pilz, 1972) has German lyrics and is a Krautrock classic. They play beautiful psychedelic folk rock, mainly with acoustic instruments. The album received excellent reviews from the national and international music press. We introduce the track 'Peter'.

Ihre Kinder

Orders Frenel (drums), Muck Groh (guitars, trombone), Georgie Meyer (vocals, congas, flute, sax), Tommi Roeder (bass, piano), Ernst Schultz (vocals, 6 and 12 string guitar, bass), Walti Schneider (vocals, bass, accordion, acoustic guitar)

The band from Nuremberg was known for their complex and dedicated lyrics and was one of the first bands with lyrics in German language. The track 'Würfelspiel' is from the album 'Leere Hände' (Kuckuck, 1970), the track 'Hexenhammer' is from the album '004 Jeanscover' (Kuckuck, 1970).

Improved Sound Limited

Johnny Fickert (vocals, percussion, flute, alto sax), Axel Linstädt (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Uli Ruppert (bass), Rolf Gröschner (drums)

The band from Nuremberg had an eventful musical life. After several soundtracks for TV and cinema (i. e. 'Engelchen macht weiter hoppe-hoppe Reiter') they released their first album 'Improved Sound Limited' as a double LP in 1971 on the Liberty label 10 years after their foundation. The tracks 'Rio Bravo 59' and 'Catch A Singing Bird On The Road' are from their second album 'Catch A Singing Bird On The Road' (CBS, 1973).


Hellmut Hattler (bass), Peter Wolbrandt (guitar), Jan Fride (drums), Johannes A. Pappert (sax)

The band Kraan is one of the oldest German bands. In 2000, they started playing live again and are producing new studio albums as well. Only their first albums can be classified as 'Krautrock'. On their later albums they turned to elegant jazz-rock. The excellent self-titled debut album was recorded in 1972 in a farm house in Wintrup in the county of Westfalen, where the band lived as a commune for several years. It contains interesting jazz-rock with Krautrock, Arabian and progressive elements. The track 'Wintrup' is from their second album 'Wintrup' (Spiegelei, 1973).


Tom Mc Guigan (lead vocals, sax, flutes), Allan Murdoch (electric & acoustic guitars), Horst Stachelhaus (bass), Manfred von Bohr (drums, percussion)

The German-English band was established in 1968 by the Düsseldorf bass player Horst Stachelhaus. Their first albums are Krautrock classics that contain interesting hard rock with progressive and experimental components. We introduce the track 'Before The Dawn' from their third album 'Message' (Nova, 1975). On this album, Message renovated their sound entirely. The tracks are shorter, less heavy and experimental and contain a few jazz-rock elements.

Murphy Blend

Achim Schmidt (drums, vocals), Andreas Scholz (bass), Wolfgang Rumler (guitar, vocals), Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig (organ, cembalo, piano, vocals)

Murphy Blend produced only the album 'Murphy Blend' (Kuckuck, 1970). The dominating instrument on this great album is the organ. Murphy Blend play hard rock with progressive and classical influences. We introduce the tracks 'First Loss' and 'Speed Is Coming'.


Stephan Kaske (vocals, flute, synthesizers), Sven Dohrow (guitar, mellotron), Ronnie Schreinzer (drums), Eberhard P. Seidler (bass)

The Berlin band of multi-instrumentalist Stephan Kaske published five albums between 1971 and 1980 with a changing crew. The track 'Neutron Bomb' is from the album 'Quasar' (Sky, 1980).


Allan Freeman, Roy Albrighton, Derek Moore, Ron Howden, Dieter Dierks (percussion), Peter Hauke (percussion)

The band was established in 1969 in Hamburg and is regarded as product of German rock music in spite of consisting exclusively of British musicians. Nektar is still active! The track 'King Of Twilight' is from the album 'A Tab In The Ocean (Bacillus, 1972).


Klaus Dinger (vocals, percussion, guitar, piano, organ), Michael Rother (guitar, piano, synthorc, electronics, vocals), Hans Lampe (drums), Thomas Dinger (drums)

The former Kraftwerk members Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, who worked as a duo since 1971, sold their electronic experimental sounds under the name 'Neu!' in order to stick out of the 'shopping window mud of the record stores'. We introduce the tracks 'Negativland' from the album 'Neu!' (Brain, 1971) and 'Isi' from the album 'Neu! 75' (Brain, 1975).

Nine Days Wonder

Walter Seyffer (vocals, drums, percussion, effects), John Earle (vocal, sax, flute, guitar), Rolf Henning (guitar, piano), Karl Mutschlechner (bass), Martin Roscoe (drums)

Nine Days Wonder, who lived in a Mannheim flat-sharing community, published four albums between 1971 and 1976 with changing crews. Their sophisticated debut 'Nine Days Wonder' (Bacillus, 1971) received excellent reviews and is influenced by 'The Mothers Of Invention'. We introduce the track 'Moss had come' from this album.


Pit Hensel (guitars), Werner Littau (keyboards), Jennifer Hensel (vocals), Frank Eule (drums), Claus D. Kniemeyer (bass)

Octopus from Frankfurt released four albums between 1976 and 1981. Their best work is their debut album 'The Boat Of Thoughts' (Sky, 1976), from which we introduce the title track 'First Flight Of The Owl'. According to the band, they oriented themselves on the sound of the English band Camel. In my opinion, they sound similar to the later albums of Curved Air, without their classical influences.


Erik Erker (bass), Gert Kilian (drums, percussion, voice), Georg Lawall (guitars, sitar, percussion)

Orexis was a musical project, which realized the study and integration of all reachable music of the planet into 'world music'. As jazz is the widest and most creative form of the western culture area, it was chosen as a basis to perform connections with other musical cultures. We introduce the track 'Unter-Rock' from their debut album 'Orexis' (Intercord, 1977).


Wolfgang von Henko (guitars), Frank Wulff (sitar, guitars, flutes), Stefan Wullf (guitar, bass, harmonium, organ), Jürgen Isenbart (drums, Glockenspiel, xylophone, percussion), Achim Reichel (percussion, fuzz-bass, lotus flute), Brigitte Blunck (vocals, percussion, bones), Renee Kollmorgen (vocals, triangle, percussion), Olaf Casalich (vocals, drums, percussion)

Ougenweide was Germany's 'Minne-Rock-Band Nr. 1' and has been active for almost one decade. We introduce the track 'Der Fuchs' from their amazing debut album 'Ougenweide' (Polydor, 1973).

Out Of Focus

Crew on 'Out Of Focus': Remigius Drechsler (guitar), Hennes Hering (organ, piano), Moran Neumüller (tenor sax, flute, vocals), Klaus Spöri (drums), Stephan Wisheu (bass)

Crew on 'Four Letter Monday Afternoon': Stephan Wisheu (bass), Hennes Hering (organ, piano), Klaus Spöri (drums), Remigius Drechsler (guitars, flutes), Moran Neumüller (sax, vocals), Peter Dechant (acoustic guitar, choir*), Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus (sax*), Jimmy Polivka (trumpet*), Hermann Breuer (trombone*), Michael Thatcher (organ*), Grand Roman Langhans (bongos*)

Out Of Focus were established in Munich in 1969. They released three albums which contained an amazing blend of Krautrock, rock, blues and jazz. The track 'Blue Sunday Morning' is from the album 'Out Of Focus' (Kuckuck, 1971), the track 'Hey John' from the album 'Wake Up' (Kuckuck, 1970), the track 'Tsajama' from the album 'Four Letter Monday Afternoon' (Kuckuck, 1972).


Lothar Siems (guitar, vocals), Walter Quintus (violin, piano, organ), Thomas Olivier (drums, vocals), Walter von Seydlitz (cello), Matthias Müller-Menckens (flute, piano, organ), Harald Konietzko (bass, vocals)

Parzival played avant-garde classic rock which inspired fans as well as critics. The track 'Groove Inside' is from the album 'Legend' (Telefunken, 1971), the track 'Black Train' from their second and last album 'BaRock' (Telefunken, 1973).

Pell Mell

Thomas Schmidt (vocals, violin, flute, Mellotron), Otto Pusch (piano, organ), Rudolf Schön (vocals, percussion), Jörg Götzfried (bass), Mitch Kniesmeijer (drums), Andy Kirnberger (guitar*)

The band from Marburg played an excellent blend of progressive rock and classic. They released five albums between 1972 and 1981. We introduce the track 'City Monster' from the debut album 'Marburg' (Bacillus, 1972).

Percewood's Onagram

Wolfgang Michels (vocals, guitars), Klaus Kaufmann (piano), Jojo Ludwig (flute, percussion*), Eddy Muschketat (mouth harp, choir, percussion), Peter Conant Shaffer (guitars, choir, percussion), Gerard Heinemann (vocals, marracas, tambourine), Uwe Meyer (bass), Geary Priest (drums), Rainer Kosch (bass*), Friedrich Thein (drums*), Gaby Borowski (choir*), Brigitte Blunck (choir*), Gerd Back (percussion*)

Percewood's Onagram was a German - American band around leader Wolfgang Michels which was located in Bremen and Delmenhorst. The track 'Cause Me Pain' is from the fourth and last album 'Ameurope' (Onagram, 1974).

Petards, The

Klaus Ebert (guitar, vocals, organ, flute), Horst Ebert (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, flute), Rüdiger 'Roger' Waldmann (bass, vocals), Arno Dittrich (drums, percussion)

Aside from bands like the Lords of Rattles, the Petards were one of the most successful bands of the beat era in Germany. The track 'Confusion All Day' is from their debut album 'A Deeper Blue' (Europa, 1968). The track 'Blue Fire Light' is from the single with the same title(Liberty, 1969), which reached the French and Belgian charts.


Winfried Langhorst (keyboards, vocals), Norbert Langhorst (electric and acoustic guitars), Reinhard Schröter (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Hans D. Klinkhammer (bass), Herbert Natho (vocals)

Ramses from Hannover were established in 1972 and published three albums that are recommendable for friends of symphonic progressive rock. The track 'La Leyla' is from their debut album 'La Leyla' (Sky, 1975), the track 'Time' from their second album 'Eternity Rise' (Sky, 1978).

Riechmann, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Riechmann (vocals, violin, guitar, electric piano, bass, synthesizers, sequencer), Hans Schweiß (drums*)

Well-known because of his work with Streetmark, Wolfgang Riechmann started to work on his solo career in 1978. The result was the album 'Wunderbar' (Sky, 1978), from which we introduce the track 'Silberland'. Shortly after the completion of the album, he was stabbed by two drunkards without a reason.

Rother, Michael

Michael Rother (guitars, electric piano, bass, synthesizer, organ, electronic percussion), Jaki Liebezeit (drums*)

In 1971 Michael Rother had an appearance in the German TV show Beat-Club. From 1971 to 1975 he played with Klaus Dinger in the band Neu!. From 1973 to 1976, the cooperation with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius in the band Harmonia leads to two album releases. In 1977, Michael Rother had his breakthrough with his first solo album 'Flammende Herzen'. We introduce the tracks 'Feuerland' from the album 'Flammende Herzen' (Sky, 1976), 'Katzenmusik 9' from the album 'Katzenmusik' (Sky, 1979) and 'Sonnenrad' from the album 'Sterntaler' (Sky, 1977).

Rufus Zuphall

Günter Krause (guitars, mellotron, vocals), Thomas Kittel (guitars, clavinet), Manfred Spangenberg (bass), Klaus Gülden (flute), Udo Dahmen (drums, percussion)

Rufus Zuphall from Aachen played progressive rock with folk elements, which occasionally reminds of early Jethro Tull due to the use of the flute. The tracks 'Portland Town' and 'I'm On My Way' are from their second album 'Phallobst' (Pilz, 1971).

Schultz, Ernst

Ernst Schultz (vocals, 12-string guitar, mandolin), Jack Grunsky (harmonica, guitar*), Theo Bina (guitar*), Tommi Roeder (organ, piano*), Sonny Hennig (piano*), Walti Schneider (bass, accordion*), Günther Storch (drums*), Wolf Stumm (guitar, sitar*), Schnurrer (violin*)

After the split of Ihre Kinder, Ernst Schultz published his solo album 'Paranoia Picknick' (Kuckuck, 1971). We introduce the track 'XY'.

Shaa Khan

Roland Soltysiak (guitars), Jochen Gutermuth (bass), Horst Schlechtriemen (keyboards, choir), Walter Kaulhausen (drums, choir), Heiner Waldmann (vocals, acoustic guitar), Klaus Grandt (vocals, percussion)

Shaa Khan from Duisburg were established in 1970 as school band. 1974 they became a consistent rock formation. 1977 they went to the Dierks studio in order to record their debut album 'The World Will End On A Friday' (Sky, 1978). We introduce the track 'The World Will End On A Friday'.

Straight Shooter

Georg Buschmann (vocals), Hans Plankert (keyboards), Günther Striepling (guitar), Roland Haase (bass), Friedhelm Misiejuk (drums), Paradise Singers (vocals)

The hard rock band from Düsseldorf released their debut album in 1976. Their guitar player and vocalist Georg Buschmann worked with Streetmark before, the drummer Friedhelm Misiejuk with Prosper. The track 'My Time - Your Time' is from the album 'My Time - Your Time' (Sky, 1980).


Dorothea Raukes (keyboards, vocals), Manfred Knauf (bass), Wolfgang Riechmann (vocals, synthesizer, guitar), Thomas Schreiber (guitar), Hans Schweiß (drums, percussion)

Streetmark were established in 1969. Their debut album was released in 1976, followed by four more albums with partly strongly changed crews. The track 'Dreams' is from their second album 'Eileen' (Sky, 1977), the track 'Lovers' from their third album 'Dry' (Sky, 1979).

Tangerine Dream

Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Joliffe

The Berlin band is an important pioneer on the area of electronic music. We introduce the track 'Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender' from the album 'Cyclone' (Virgin, 1978). This album is very special because it was the first time that Tangerine Dream used vocals! They were not satisfied with the result and it took several years until they used vocals again.

Thirsty Moon

Norbert Drogies (drums, percussion), Michael Kobs (electric piano), Erwin Noack (congas, percussion), Willi Pape (sopran sax, tenor sax, clarinet, flute, percussion), Harald Konietzko (bass, 12 string guitar, vocals), Jürgen Drogies (guitar, percussion), Hans Werner Ranwig (organ, percussion, vocals)

The band from Bremen released five albums between 1972 and 1981. The music is a blend of rock, jazz and fusion. The track 'Big City' is from their debut album 'Thirsty Moon' (Brain, 1972), the track 'Lord Of Lightning' from the Album 'Blitz' (Brain, 1976).

Ton Steine Scherben

Ralph Möbius (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ralph Steitz (guitar), Wolfgang Seidel (drums), Kai Sichtermann (bass)

Ton Steine Scherben was the most important political rock band of the early 70's! The track 'Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht' is from their debut album 'Warum geht es mir so dreckig?' (privat pressing, 1970), the track 'Der Traum ist aus' is from the album 'Keine Macht für niemand' (David Volksmund, 1972).


Helmut Koellen (bass, guitars, vocals), Hans Bathelt (percussion), Jürgen Fritz (organ, synthesizer, pianos, vocals), Hans Pape (bass*), Cologne Opera House Orchestra (violins, violas, celli*), Kurt Edelhagen Brass Section Kurt Edelhagen Brass Section (trumpets, tenor sax, trombones*)

The Cologne classic rock band Triumvirat around the talented keyboarder Jürgen Fritz was dismissed as a German Emerson Lake & Palmer clone. We introduce the track 'Illusions On A Double Dimple' from the album 'Illusions On A Double Dimple' (Harvest, 1974). The long and complicated keyboard parts show clear similarity with ELP!

Witthüser & Westrupp

Bernd Witthüser (guitars, vocals, percussion), Walter Westrupp (flute, vocals, percussion, trumpet, zither, guitar, trombone), Bernd Roland (bass, vocals), Renee Zucker (vocals, percussion, flute*), Dieter Dierks, Gille Lettmann

The musicians Bernd Witthüser & Walter Westrupp published four studio and one live album between 1970 and 1973. The duo sang in German, which was unique and adventurous for this period of German rock music. We introduce the track 'Orienta' from the album 'Trips + Träume' (Ohr, 1971).

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