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GERMAN OAK - German Oak - 3 CD Now Again

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Krautrock / Psychedelic
Manufacturer: Now Again
Original release year: 1972
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'..imagine a brutally-recorded, brazen and ulta-skeletal industrial white funk played with all the claw-handed technique of Red Crayola recording their famous Hurricane Fighting Plane. This is the sound of German Oak' Julian Cope

During the summer of 1972, best remembered for thye bloodshed of the Munich Olympics, the 5-man Dusseldorf instrumental group German Oak entered the Luftschutzbunker (Air Raid Shelter) studio to record their first, eponymous album.

The purpose of recording in a bunker was to recreate the feelings experienced by German soldiers during the Allied invasion of 1944. The strange acoustic conditions in the bunker made the music, which was a series of long, spacious guitar jams, sound distant and filled with echo. Originally released on the Bunker label, this strange and unusual album has become somewhat of a legend.

Not only British bands like ARCADIUM, HIGH TIDE, T2 or SPRING were ahead of their time. Also Germany has a good example: GERMAN OAK. Going away from the schedule 'intro-centre-outro', they mostly used to play long tracks (based on hard rock and blues) containing the centre parts throughout. They were trying to express their feelings only in their music - listen to the CD and you'll
believe it. Note: the break-offs at the end of track one are regular and no manufacturing mistake!

Der sechste Eintrag in der Now-Again Reserve Edition Serie ist die allumfassende Neuauflage eines gelobten aber auch missverstandenen Krautrock-Albums sowie die erste bandgetriebene Neuauflage in der Serie. Das geheimnisvolle Krautrock-Album wurde seit fast vier Jahrzehnten fetischisiert und dämonisiert, gelobt und missverstanden.

In dieser Edition des Albums hat das Trio - zusammen nach 30 Jahren Trennung - das Remastering ihrer 70er Jahre-Aufnahmen genehmigt. Endlich wird die Geschichte hinter der Schöpfung ihres dunklen Albums und der des okkult-besessenen Plattensammlers hinter der Originalveröffentlichung und sein Mythos mit Hilfe von unveröffentlichter Musik und Fotos erzählt.

Das 3xCD-Set präsentiert das ursprünglich veröffentlichte Album, die unveröffentlichten Vollversionen der beiden zentralen Songs des Albums sowie andere Songs der Band, die bislang rar oder unveröffentlicht waren.

Disk 1 von 3


Screaming skeletons
Missile song
Belle's song


Disk 2 von 3


Belle's song (extended)

Missile song (extended)

Disk 3 von 3

Bear song
Happy stripes (on cats)
Ghost guitar
Bear song (alternate)
Harpy & peregrine
Python v.s. tiger
Giant rock
boudler golem

GERMAN OAK - German Oak - CD (Jewelcase) 1972 Flashback

Price: EUR 15.63

Deutschland / 1972

GERMAN OAK - German Oak - 3 CD Now Again

Price: EUR 19.59

Now Again
Deutschland / 1972

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